Getting the right data: the key to process visibility.

Your organization is facing rising costs, limited resources, increased competition, and lower returns. What will it take for you to thrive in this landscape? Two words. Process visibility. You can’t steer your ship blindfolded. Clear, accurate process visibility means informed business decisions, because you can actually see where the hours and dollars are going. But that means you’ve got to get the right data in the first place.

How do you know when your data needs DataFish?

Your hospital is different from the one across town.

You have different specialties. A different number of beds. Different staff. Different patients. Different needs. So why are you both using the same off-the-shelf HIS solution? You need to make your HIS solution work harder – with targeted analytics, built specifically around your unique needs.

You’re under pressure to save money and be more efficient.

Why is your organization still spending so much? Where’s the money going? What procedures are taking too long? How can you improve performance? Where can you make efficiencies? You need answers and you need them yesterday. We get you those answers.

You need better metrics to measure business problems.

With a standard data solution, you just get whatever the system gives you – not what you really need. Besides, you don’t even trust the numbers that you are getting, because you don’t know where they came from. To make matters worse, you’ve got different decision support systems giving you different figures. Altogether, it just doesn’t add up. With DataFish, you know exactly where your numbers are coming from and what they mean, because we work with you first to build the right metrics.

You’re looking for ways to improve clinical performance.

Better performance means better patient outcomes and better downstream savings. We help you get better, so you can get everyone else better.