We manage The Big Arrow (and what goes on inside it).

We drive your knowledge engine.

Okay. You’ve seen diagrams like this before. The big arrow is all about how you get from raw source data to useful business reports. The problem is that most data solutions don’t focus enough on what goes on inside that big arrow. Unless you have in-depth analysis and design – with queries that measure and deliver data relevant to your organization – you won’t get the value you deserve from your HIS.

We dive deeper into your data.

We work with your key decision makers to identify the core business problems up front. We figure out what data you need, where it’s stored, and how to gather it. Then, we extract, compare, and measure your data. Because we dive deeper into your big arrow, we’re able to build much more meaningful highlights, reports, scorecards, and dashboards, giving you better visibility into your business problems and processes.

Built for you, on your system.

Your data has a ridiculously short shelf life. We know. So we build the data onsite and in your system – not on any kind of proprietary solution of ours. This way, your data never leaves your premises; it never gets shuttled back and forth across the Internet. Instead, you’re in control. You always have your data right where you need it, when you need it. Because we involve you at each step of the build, there are no mysteries surrounding the source, meaning, or value of your data. You know exactly what you’re getting: up-to-date, actionable reports based on queries tailored to your specific requirements.