We found a need and filled it.

DataFish was launched by Greg Johnson in early 2008. Before he started DataFish, Greg had gained many years of valuable experience working for the industry-leading provider of HIS solutions. During this time, he became deeply involved with these systems and discovered a pressing market need. Despite the powerful capabilities of their installed HIS solutions, most healthcare organizations were continually frustrated by the lack of customization, granularity, and specifics provided by those systems. Healthcare executives simply were not getting the information they needed to make better decisions. There were too many blind spots. And Greg decided to do something about it.

Fine-tuned systems for specialized output.

Greg began building data extracts tailored to the unique information needs of each individual healthcare organization. Suddenly, hospitals found that their generic HIS solution was now delivering highly actionable analytics. In the process, DataFish was born. Today, we work with leading healthcare systems across the country. We can provide a totally managed solution or train hospital administrative and IT teams to manage the systems themselves.

It’s all about highly individualized service.

Tailored solutions. Onsite service. Friendly, smart people. Painstaking attention to detail. We understand that, in the current healthcare environment, every penny and every minute counts. We live for the margins. It’s what makes us different and why people choose us and recommend us to their colleagues.