The DataFish Methodology

Our three-stage process for delivering tailored analytics.

Stage One:
Maximization and Gap Analysis – to find out what you have and what you need to know

We come to your site, meet with your team, and do an in-depth review of your current HIS analytics. We look at how you’re using your data tools and help you optimize and maximize your HIS – before we recommend new analytics. We also help pinpoint any gaps in your data analysis.

Stage Two:
Design and Delivery of the Data Extract – to pull the necessary data and compile it in more meaningful ways

Based on needs discovered in Stage One, we create designs that gather the information necessary to solve your specific business problems. Depending on your requirements, these query designs can be driven by regulations, financial objectives, patient safety initiatives, and more. Here’s what we do to manage your data:

Extract – Using complex data extracts tailored to your organizational needs, we pull all the relevant information from your HIS.

Transform – This information is then transformed from raw data lines into summarized results. These are measured, compared, evaluated, and
formatted in a way that will be meaningful to your particular analytics tools.

Load – Finally, we load the data into your analytics tools – creating a
business decisioning environment that gives you unprecedented process visibility.

Stage Three:
Display the data – to build up-to-date reports and present them through the analytics tools you already use

Your data is funneled to you and your team through reports, highlights, scorecards, and dashboards using your own SAP BusinessObjects, Crystal Reports, or McKesson HBI tools. Because we work so closely with you at each stage of the engagement, you’ll know exactly what you’re looking at when you see the reports. These will be specific answers to the questions and business problems you posed at the outset of our engagement.